Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Quickwrite - Meal

The best meal in the world for me would not have a specific smell. It would smell like what we want, when we want it. If I was in the mood for pizza, it would smells like my favorite type of pizza, but if I was in the mood for steak it would smell like the most delicious steak ever. Due to the fact that everyone has a different favorite meal, I think it would be good so everyone would be able to eat and smell whatever they want. And it would taste exactly like it smells!

Quickwrite - Eden

My Eden would be a big city, like New York, but without all the faults. A New York City from the movies, like in The Devil Wears Prada and Sex In the City, a big city full of color and people and opportunities. A magical city where I could live my dream, like in a movie. Working with something that I love, walking down the streets fearless and living with all the everyday rush but with time to find love and enjoy it. 

Monday, April 28, 2014

Skype Reflection

Today in our skype session all the presentations went very well. We were lucky that the internet was great and allowed us to have a nice conversation with the grade 3 in Thompson. The presentations were very creative and I think the kids really enjoyed it, specially when the groups asked them questions because I think they really like to participate, like every grade 3 kid.
Those skype sessions have a unique value that is learning with different points of view. This is very good for us because, besides everything that the grade 3 is teaching us, we're also learning how to comunicate with kids and how to teach. These skype sessions can be very helpful for our future, specially for the ones who want to teach.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

How to draw a cat when you don't know how to draw anything

Step #1: Draw a big oval shape for the body 

Step #2: Draw a small circle for the head

Step #3: Draw half circles at the top of the head for the ears

Step #4: Draw two circles for the eyes

Step #5: Draw an upside down triangle for the nose and three lines in each side of it for the mustache

Step #6: Draw a half moon line for the mouth 

Step #7: Then make sticks for the arms and legs and a tale


Ps: it can also be a mouse or a bear or whatever you want it to be

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Mid Semester Reflection

Six word memoirs

The Six Word Memoirs were very interesting for me. I joined this class thinking that I would learn new ways of writing and getting the public attention and I really did, the Six Word Memoirs are a prove of this. I believe that the thing that most went well for me on this project were my pictures. I tried to make them very representatives but as simple as possible and I think it went pretty well. I needed to work more on my punctuation because I wasn't very satisfied with the simple one that I used in almost all the 6 Six Word Memoirs. Through this project, I've learn a bunch of things about writing and getting the public attention. I've learn how to be intense in a very clear and simple way and I've also learn a lot about pictures language and how a photo can talk too much more than words. I would give me A in this project. 

IGNITE presentations

The Ignite presentations were the funist project to me. I think my presentation went more well than I thought it would and so did my slides. But I still needed to work more on talking slower because even with all the practice that I did for the big presentation on the Teacher's Convention, I still needed to wait for one or two slides. I'm very satisfied with my work on this project and my two presentations, was hard for me to reach my goals for this project, because wasn't easy to present in english, but I'm really glad that I could make it, specially in front of all the teachers. I've learn a new way to show my ideas with this project, a very clear and simple one, like the Six Word Memoirs. I've also learn techniques to present in public and more ways to get the public attention. I would give me an A in this project.


I always try to post everything on time or at least 3 days after the assignment was given. When I started the blog I used to post more personal additions, now I don't do it very often but I still do. I'm not very good at commenting so I don't usually comment at my classmates blogs, though I'm always visiting it. I would give myself a B in this topic.

Connecting and Engaging

I'm not very good on participate in online discussions. I don't comment very often, only when is for an assignment, because I always don't know what to say, but I visit my classmates blogs usually. I'm a quite person in class, when we skype with our friends in Thompson I usually just listen and pay attention. I'm a little bit afraid to talk because of my bad english. I attend to class on a regular basis and I try to post everything on time and when I can't, I usually make sure to catch up with all the work. I would give me a B on this topic.


Three goals I would like to achieve until the end of the semester would be:
- Post more personal additions on my blog
- Commenting more often on my classmate blogs
- Give a try to a type of book that I don't like

Monday, April 21, 2014

Ignite Presentation & Photo credit


Slides' photo credits: 

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Blood Moon

Yesterday the sky was prettier! A phenomenon called "Blood Moon" happened and the moon turned totally orange! It was the first of 4 eclipses that are going to happen during this year, completing the tetrad*. This phenomenon happens because the Earth's shadow fell across the moon in relation with the sun.
I stayed awake yesterday from 1am to 3pm to watch it and took some pictures. If you couldn't see it you should try with the other 3 that are coming, because is a rare phenomenon and a very beautiful view that worth staying awake for!

* A tetrad is when there are four total lunar eclipses in a row, with no partial lunar eclipses in between.