Monday, June 9, 2014

Bucket List Project


Author's note: Hello, I'm a teenage girl from Brazil but I'm here in Canada to finish my high school, that is almost done! 
I'm the type of person who likes to travel a lot, so my bucket list includes lots of different countries. Another thing that I love is to read and write, so some of my bucket list items are related to it. These are my 2 passions, traveling and writing. I think they're connected because when I'm traveling I find inspiration so much easier. I want to find a way of living that includes doing these 2 things, because they make me feel awesome. If I could learn everything and see everything and then transform it into whatever I wanted it to be in my own words.
I hope to complete all my bucket list items. Doesn't matter how long it takes, because neither age or anything else should stop us from reaching our dreams!

Bucket List:
1- Publish a book 
2- Go to Coachella 
3- Leave cute messages in strangers' mailbox 
4- Visit all the 7 wonders of the world 
5- Kiss a stranger in New Years Eve 
6- Ride in a hot air balloon
7- Live in New York City
8- Distribute hugs on the streets
9- Go to Australia
10- Build a nice sand castle
11- Go on a safari in Africa
12- Go on a gastronomic tour in France 
13- Learn how to longboard
14- Backpacking in Europe
15- Go to Lana Del Rey’s concert and meet her 
16- Go to Universal Studios 
17- Bungee jumping
18- Get a tattoo
19- Volunteer at a Cancer Hospital for children 
20- Learn how to play ukulele 
21- Go to Tomorrowland
22- Drive through route 66
23- Hug a lion
24- See a Broadway musical in New York
25- Climb the Hollywood Sign
26- Go to a baseball game
27- Get rid of my regrets
28- Buy my grandparent's a country house
29- Go to Lollapalooza
30- Go to Disney World
31- Trade bodies with someone for one day
32- Own a bookstore
33- Pay for a honeymoon for my parents
34- Meet the queen
35- Become famous because of my writing 
36- Learn how to ride a horse 
37- Solve at least half of the governments problems in Brazil
38- Visit the Moulin Rouge 
39- Go camping
40- Be on a talk show
41- Go to a fashion show
42- Volunteer in a developing country 
43- Write for a magazine 
44- Pay for a stranger's meal
45- Put a lock in the Milvia Bridge in Rome
46- Meet my real soulmate
47- Get in college in the first try
48- Stop my mind from automatically jumping to first judgements
49- Go to Wales
50- Swim with dolphins

"Now what?!": My now what is a pretty simple thing for North Americans, but not for South Americans like me. Since I was young, I've always wanted to watch a baseball game. It seemed awesome in the movies and everything seemed so intense. From the people's faces to what was going on in the game (that I still don't understand), so it was a dream to me since I was little. Fortunately, I could make this dream come true here in Canada. I went to see the Winnipeg Goldeyes play against the Sioux City Explorers on May 26, and it was awesome. Everything was just as I imagined. This one item on my bucket list was  completed in a very good way!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

First baseball game

Yesterday I went to my first baseball game. I was very excited because we don't have it in Brazil and I always wanted to go to one because I see people playing baseball everytime in movies and TV shows. 
The game was the Winnipeg Goldeyes against the Sioux City Explorers and, unfourtunately, the Goldeyes lost. Anyway it was fun and the best part was feeling like I was in a movie! 

Photo by me

Assiniboine Park Zoo

Trying to enjoy the nice weather on saturday, I went to the zoo. I felt bad for the polar bears because was so hot, but I was happy to see one for the first time! The little ones are the cutest things in the world! 

Photo by me

Lady Gaga's Concert

I went to Lady Gaga's concert on May 22 at MTS Centre and it was amazing! I'm not a "little monster" and I knew only a few songs when I went to the concert, but I got out from there being her fan because she is such an amazing person. During the concert she invited a girl to sing with her on the stage during the song "Born this way" and after this she read some letters that the fans threw to her. Then she invited these fans to go have a drink with her on the backstage after the concert. She treated them with so much love and care that I was impressed! I thought the last thing I would say in my life was that Lady Gaga is a very inspiring person, but she really is and now I admire her work and herself as person.

Photo by me

Blackout Poetry

Poem #1:

Poem #2:

Poem #3:


Monday, May 26, 2014

Creating Dialogue

- C'mon, you just followed a rabbit! - Dorothy said looking to Alice with a lazy expression.
- Exactly, I just followed a rabbit, what is more espontaneous and likely than a tornado! - Alice answered looking to Dorothy and already getting angry.
- But a tornado is so much more interesting than a rabbit. And it took me too a world with different types of people, not to a place full of nuts! - Dorothy said talking both with her mouth and her hands. Alice looked at her incredulous:
- And do you really think a lion and a Tin Man are more interesting than crazy people? I got small and giant in just one day, I saw a garden full of people who were playing cards instead of humans. How can you say that helping a guy made of brass to find a heart is more interesting than that? - She said still looking incredulous. 
- Don't you have feelings? I was helping people while you were having fun! - Dorothy responded looking as incredulous as Alice.
- We're talking about interesting lives, not about helping people. Do you think Mother Teresa life was interesting? - Alice said now with a superior expression in her face.
- Oh my God, Alice! How can you say these things? Don't you have a soul? - Dorothy said shocked.
- I do, but that's not the point! Don't you understand? - Alice answered trying to explain Dorothy that the point was being exciting, not a good person.
- The only thing I understand is that you're such a sefish girl. - Dorothy said looking sad to Alice.
- What? I'm not selfish! You were the one who started this conversation about interesting lives and now you're loosing all the point! I'm done! Bye Dorothy, go back to your path of golden stones! - Alice said angry, stading up and leaving
- Ok! Bye Alice, or should I call you Aliselfish?! Go back to your idiot crazy cat! - Dorothy responded in the same tone and also leave, to the opposite side, leaving the table and letting the tea made by Oz for them especially for that ocasion, get cold.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Eavesdropping field trip - discussion

1. i- I went to different places trying to find a conversation that was flowing so I would be able to take notes of it. After going to the gym, the resource and different hallways I ended up iat one window close to the stairs.
ii- I listened to the conversation for about 8-10 minutes
iii- It was between mainly two girls and a guy that were probably 16 years old, but some teachers became involved at one point.
iv- It was weird in the begining but it became funnier during the recording.

2. I realized that some people don't care about the way thei talki to different people. I think there are some people in our lives that need more respect than others, like seniors and even teachers, but some people, especially teenagers, don't care about it.

3. I can apply it to a specific type of character in my writing. It was good to open my eyes about the relationship between people's behavior and the way they talk

4. Since the first phrases that people say a lot, we can already have some guess about ehat their personalitiy is like. especially teenagers. In my case, I had a guess about the personalities of all the three students who I was listening to and they proved to be what I thought they were like during the conversation.

5. Depends of the type of people. In my case, the conversation was being interrupted every time by laughs or by the start of a different topic in the middle of the other.

6. Listening to people I could see that sometimes they talk too much but don't say anything, because they don't finish an idea, they just start another topic in the middle of another.

7.  Similarities are the slangs and the words that people use. You can define someone's personality in your writing by using different kinds of words and you can also define someone's personality by the words that this person uses  Some differences are the tone that people put in their voices that we can't put on our writing and sometimes is very important for the understanding of an idea.