Monday, May 26, 2014

Creating Dialogue

- C'mon, you just followed a rabbit! - Dorothy said looking to Alice with a lazy expression.
- Exactly, I just followed a rabbit, what is more espontaneous and likely than a tornado! - Alice answered looking to Dorothy and already getting angry.
- But a tornado is so much more interesting than a rabbit. And it took me too a world with different types of people, not to a place full of nuts! - Dorothy said talking both with her mouth and her hands. Alice looked at her incredulous:
- And do you really think a lion and a Tin Man are more interesting than crazy people? I got small and giant in just one day, I saw a garden full of people who were playing cards instead of humans. How can you say that helping a guy made of brass to find a heart is more interesting than that? - She said still looking incredulous. 
- Don't you have feelings? I was helping people while you were having fun! - Dorothy responded looking as incredulous as Alice.
- We're talking about interesting lives, not about helping people. Do you think Mother Teresa life was interesting? - Alice said now with a superior expression in her face.
- Oh my God, Alice! How can you say these things? Don't you have a soul? - Dorothy said shocked.
- I do, but that's not the point! Don't you understand? - Alice answered trying to explain Dorothy that the point was being exciting, not a good person.
- The only thing I understand is that you're such a sefish girl. - Dorothy said looking sad to Alice.
- What? I'm not selfish! You were the one who started this conversation about interesting lives and now you're loosing all the point! I'm done! Bye Dorothy, go back to your path of golden stones! - Alice said angry, stading up and leaving
- Ok! Bye Alice, or should I call you Aliselfish?! Go back to your idiot crazy cat! - Dorothy responded in the same tone and also leave, to the opposite side, leaving the table and letting the tea made by Oz for them especially for that ocasion, get cold.

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