Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Eavesdropping field trip - discussion

1. i- I went to different places trying to find a conversation that was flowing so I would be able to take notes of it. After going to the gym, the resource and different hallways I ended up iat one window close to the stairs.
ii- I listened to the conversation for about 8-10 minutes
iii- It was between mainly two girls and a guy that were probably 16 years old, but some teachers became involved at one point.
iv- It was weird in the begining but it became funnier during the recording.

2. I realized that some people don't care about the way thei talki to different people. I think there are some people in our lives that need more respect than others, like seniors and even teachers, but some people, especially teenagers, don't care about it.

3. I can apply it to a specific type of character in my writing. It was good to open my eyes about the relationship between people's behavior and the way they talk

4. Since the first phrases that people say a lot, we can already have some guess about ehat their personalitiy is like. especially teenagers. In my case, I had a guess about the personalities of all the three students who I was listening to and they proved to be what I thought they were like during the conversation.

5. Depends of the type of people. In my case, the conversation was being interrupted every time by laughs or by the start of a different topic in the middle of the other.

6. Listening to people I could see that sometimes they talk too much but don't say anything, because they don't finish an idea, they just start another topic in the middle of another.

7.  Similarities are the slangs and the words that people use. You can define someone's personality in your writing by using different kinds of words and you can also define someone's personality by the words that this person uses  Some differences are the tone that people put in their voices that we can't put on our writing and sometimes is very important for the understanding of an idea.

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