Thursday, March 20, 2014

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"Great and funny at the same time! I think playing on the sand was fun when we were kids because you could do whatever you want there, the other toys were very limited, but the sand was the perfect place to create your own toys. What was your favorite thing to do in the sand?"
Post: Quickwrite - Playground

"It's so cool that you've lived in so many different places, but it must have been hard for you. I'm living the experience of living in another country for the first time and sometimes it gets pretty hard, is great and funny though. What do you think about it? And what is your favorite place in the world?"
Post: Six Word Memoir. #6

"Anthony Kiedis is an inspiration. After all he’s been through he’s still a rockstar and rule all the stages with RHCP! It’s one of my favorite bands. What’s your favorite song of them?"
Post: Reading Assignment #4

Family Shield

I made a shield for the Bass family, a family from Gossip Girl. The family is only three men, Chuck, Bart and Jack Bass, and they all always wear suits so I doodle this tie to represent it. The quote around the doodle is by Lana Del Rey, I thought this quote would be appropriate because they're a family with a lot of money and also a lot of problems involving money.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Gender switch

If Draco Malfoy was a girl, one of the best scenes from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone would be like this. 

Skype Reflection

(1) My group presented a 6 word memoir as an example of how to use an exclamation mark. We made it “stick” with our audience by making a very funny 6 word memoir. I think the humor on the scene was enough to keep the children attention and make them like it.

(2) Our mini lesson was a little confusimg because we had some problems with the connection. Maybe the kids got a little bit confused with our explanation because of it. We tried to be good teachers with many strengths, but the connection problems were a weakness that messed up our plans.

(3) I learned that we have to be careful teaching kids, because at the same time we need to make interesting things to keep their attention. We have to be careful to make sure that they are getting what they are supposed to. To teach kids, you have to make it fun and the teaching on a track.  This is what makes it hard to be a good teacher. 

(4) We should keep teaching them what they want to learn in different ways, because it keeps us creative and helps them to be creative too. We could play a game or even a small and improvised play on the class.

Perfect Playground

My perfect playground would be based on Camp Half-Blood from the Percy Jackson saga. It would have cabins and the toys would be in the cabins. The kids could decide which God they prefer and go play in their own cabin. It also would be in the style of camp, with trees and walking trails.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

My 3 comments

"This post is so true, because at the same time that you talk about how scary the future looks, you also talk about how exciting this process is. Our feelings this year are all contradictory, exactly like you wrote."
Post: Personal Post: Graduation!

"Good choice! I would choose Hogwart's door too because everything there looks so amazing. Magic would be everywhere, like you said, and it would be so great that I can't even think of choosing another door."
Post: Quick write- Which door?

"Good point of view. Music is part of everyone's life, so the lyrics are a big influence in everyone's mood. Taking a time to absorb and think about it can change your mood and your way of thinking about anything in just a few minutes. Lyrics really has purpose and power, but it only can make difference if we pay attention."
Post: Don't forget the lyrics

Inside a teenage brain

I doodled a brain with some words to describe my routine and what is more present in my life. The question mark in the middle represents the big question that I have about life and I think most of the teenagers also have, because youth is a period in our lives to discover the world and, primarily, ourselves, so this "big question" is common in a teenage life.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Six Word Memoir: Growing Up

Photo: B. Barcelos

I took this picture at the Toronto airport.  It was my first picture in Canada. This six word memoir was kind of a joke, associating Canada's cold weathet that doesn't let many plants grow with the maturity that I would gain with this exchange program. 
The picture was not suppose to represent my growing up, but when I was writing the six word memoir I thought that I needed to associate it with my experiences here in Canada, because I'm growing up here more than ever.
The punctuation that I used was to contribute on the "joke tone" that I wanted this six word memoir to have. The question mark was supposed to make a funny question about Canada.
The frame that I used to is also associated with Canada's cold because the name of the actual frame was scarf. 

Six Word Memoir: Hate

Photo: B. Barcelos

This six word memoir is more focused on the picture than in the phrase, because the picture kind of explains the feeling approached in the sentence. The photo shows a lonely city in the middle of the dawn and my feet all over the landscape. For me it represents how the environment influences my loneliness and the fact that I was on top looking down on everything represents how I try to escape from all of that. 
I did not use too much punctuation in this memoir, only period because I think that the feeling of loneliness doesn't need much complexity to be explained. Its just a particular feeling that almost everyone can understand because many people have felt this way.
The colour of the frame I used to write the memoir is a colour I think that matches with the dawn. I always think about this blue when people talk about dawn, especially in moments between 4am-5am. 
I also used some special effects to make the photo darker because the loneliness and the dawn are dark.

Six Word Memoir: Confession

Photo: B. Gusmão

This six word memoir was the clearest one. I hate confessing and it is not something that I would like to do for a memoir. I decided to create something that could show my hatred for.  I made this memoir and the picture very clear and objective. I used a question mark to make a question about confessions instead of really confessing. The photo was the same thing, instead of writing my confession on the post, I just wrote the word "confession" as a joke, indicating that my confession was actually the word.  I wanted it to be very literal, so it would be ironic as the joke that I did on the memoir. I used a simple frame because I wanted it to be as simple as the photo.  

Six Word Memoir: Me

Photo: B. Barcelos

I took this photo when I was just sitting in Chapters trying to write something. I was in a place that I love, trying to do something that I love, so I chose this picture because it fits pretty well into my passion about writing.
 Literature for me is an art that makes everything beautiful because authors can turn their own pain in a beautiful poem. Everything can be pretty with good words.
The frame that I chose for this six word memoir was very precise in the point that I was getting. I tried to make this as close to the point as I could.
I didn't use too much punctuation in this six word memoir, but I chose a period instead of a exclamation one because I didn't feel like the phrase needed intensity, I just wanted to let it be quite.

Six Word Memoir: My past

Photo: L. Rezende

This six word memoir has connections with my past and my present. I've always loved magic things. When I was a kid I believed I could be a wizard. As I grew up, my love for magic didn't disappear and I begun liking the Harry Potter saga. So, in this six word memoir I made a relationship between something that was in me in the past and stays with me nowadays, in a funny way. The picture that I chose is embedded completely in the point that I want to get at.
The punctuation that I used was specifically to give the memoir a nostalgic tone, as if it had really happened. I also chose a simple frame for my phrase because I didn't want it to influence the connection between the phrase and the picture. 

Six Word Memoir: Love

Photo: B. Barcelos

This six word memoir is my favorite. When I saw that we needed to choose a picture that represents love I thought exactly on this one. Everyday I walk home and see this painting on the wall and it makes me smile because I always think of who made it and for what reason. The painting is so simple but means a lot to me and I think it means a lot to who painted it.
I created the phrase based on Rhianna's song "We found love" because finding this paint on a random wall on my way home is exactly what she says in her lyrics, "we found love in a hopeless place". 
The punctuation that I used was pretty simple, only a period because the phrase is a reference to a song. It doesn't anything else to be understood, but knowing the song.
Love is my biggest inspiration and I think the details are very important when you're  in love.  Another reason that I chose this picture is because this painting may be just a detail on my way home, but it still makes a big difference. 

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Reading Assignment #4

The Absence of the Hero by Charles Bukowski

Sound and Passion (92)
Character: Hank

#iwish I could make this as a writer so Claudia would never have to leave.

In this world, you can't live on love. Love is not enough. #lessonlearned

I hate Mr Dennis, I hate the owners, I hate the world! GOD DAMNIT! #sorrynotsorry

Character: Claudia

The person that you love not always will be the person that you need. #lessonlearned

Bukowski on Bukowski (56)
Character: Bukowski

Just realized that I'm awesome. #oops

The Big Dope Reading (171)
Character: Chinaski

How those new young poets dare to come to me, shake my hand and compare themselves to me? #frenemies

Holly talked about retarded children all night long and left me in the morning with no toilet paper. #fail

#TBT Clyde's parties at that small town in Florida. Best readings ever.

I was drunk but I don’t regret about trying something with you, Alacia. #sorrynotsorry

Alacia, I’m still America’s greatest poet! #oops 

Zana, I know you really loved me and #iwish I could have loved you back the same way. 

Vern’s Wife (140)
Character: Bukowski

Told Claudia that maybe I would write about us. #iwish I could get over this “maybe”, that’s my problem.

#TBT When Claudia came from Florida and we had good times at this apartment. 

Vern my friend, sorry, but Claudia was mine for this few days. #oops #sorrynotsorry #frenemies

Love, love, love (5)
Character: Chucky

Mom, #iwish I'd been a better son.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Photo Scavenger Hunt


Family (Metaphoto). Hate. Future (Metaphoto). Confession. Passion. Close-up. Words/Letters. Reflection. Alone. Talent. Love. When I Was Little.... Past. Black and White. Friendship (Metaphoto). Symbolism. Outline- Silhouette.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Robert Munsch and the Skype reading

I didn't know who Robert Munsch was till last tuesday that we read one of his books, Mortimer, for some kids from Thompson via Skype. Aftet this, I made a research about him and his books and found out how awesome his books are for kids. His books involves sounds and gestures, what keep the kids paying attention on the story and make them like it more. Our class made a really good reading for them and the kids faces was amazing, how they kind feel the story with all the sounds... Was pretty great. Robert Munsch's books are really good, they make the stories funnier and better. Read one of his books for kids was a funny and nostalgic activity that I really liked.