Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Six Word Memoir: Hate

Photo: B. Barcelos

This six word memoir is more focused on the picture than in the phrase, because the picture kind of explains the feeling approached in the sentence. The photo shows a lonely city in the middle of the dawn and my feet all over the landscape. For me it represents how the environment influences my loneliness and the fact that I was on top looking down on everything represents how I try to escape from all of that. 
I did not use too much punctuation in this memoir, only period because I think that the feeling of loneliness doesn't need much complexity to be explained. Its just a particular feeling that almost everyone can understand because many people have felt this way.
The colour of the frame I used to write the memoir is a colour I think that matches with the dawn. I always think about this blue when people talk about dawn, especially in moments between 4am-5am. 
I also used some special effects to make the photo darker because the loneliness and the dawn are dark.

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