Tuesday, March 18, 2014

My 3 comments

"This post is so true, because at the same time that you talk about how scary the future looks, you also talk about how exciting this process is. Our feelings this year are all contradictory, exactly like you wrote."

Post: Personal Post: Graduation!

"Good choice! I would choose Hogwart's door too because everything there looks so amazing. Magic would be everywhere, like you said, and it would be so great that I can't even think of choosing another door."

Post: Quick write- Which door?

"Good point of view. Music is part of everyone's life, so the lyrics are a big influence in everyone's mood. Taking a time to absorb and think about it can change your mood and your way of thinking about anything in just a few minutes. Lyrics really has purpose and power, but it only can make difference if we pay attention."

Post: Don't forget the lyrics

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