Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Reading Assignment #4

The Absence of the Hero by Charles Bukowski

Sound and Passion (92)
Character: Hank

#iwish I could make this as a writer so Claudia would never have to leave.

In this world, you can't live on love. Love is not enough. #lessonlearned

I hate Mr Dennis, I hate the owners, I hate the world! GOD DAMNIT! #sorrynotsorry

Character: Claudia

The person that you love not always will be the person that you need. #lessonlearned

Bukowski on Bukowski (56)
Character: Bukowski

Just realized that I'm awesome. #oops

The Big Dope Reading (171)
Character: Chinaski

How those new young poets dare to come to me, shake my hand and compare themselves to me? #frenemies

Holly talked about retarded children all night long and left me in the morning with no toilet paper. #fail

#TBT Clyde's parties at that small town in Florida. Best readings ever.

I was drunk but I don’t regret about trying something with you, Alacia. #sorrynotsorry

Alacia, I’m still America’s greatest poet! #oops 

Zana, I know you really loved me and #iwish I could have loved you back the same way. 

Vern’s Wife (140)
Character: Bukowski

Told Claudia that maybe I would write about us. #iwish I could get over this “maybe”, that’s my problem.

#TBT When Claudia came from Florida and we had good times at this apartment. 

Vern my friend, sorry, but Claudia was mine for this few days. #oops #sorrynotsorry #frenemies

Love, love, love (5)
Character: Chucky

Mom, #iwish I'd been a better son.

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