Monday, June 9, 2014

Bucket List Project


Author's note: Hello, I'm a teenage girl from Brazil but I'm here in Canada to finish my high school, that is almost done! 
I'm the type of person who likes to travel a lot, so my bucket list includes lots of different countries. Another thing that I love is to read and write, so some of my bucket list items are related to it. These are my 2 passions, traveling and writing. I think they're connected because when I'm traveling I find inspiration so much easier. I want to find a way of living that includes doing these 2 things, because they make me feel awesome. If I could learn everything and see everything and then transform it into whatever I wanted it to be in my own words.
I hope to complete all my bucket list items. Doesn't matter how long it takes, because neither age or anything else should stop us from reaching our dreams!

Bucket List:
1- Publish a book 
2- Go to Coachella 
3- Leave cute messages in strangers' mailbox 
4- Visit all the 7 wonders of the world 
5- Kiss a stranger in New Years Eve 
6- Ride in a hot air balloon
7- Live in New York City
8- Distribute hugs on the streets
9- Go to Australia
10- Build a nice sand castle
11- Go on a safari in Africa
12- Go on a gastronomic tour in France 
13- Learn how to longboard
14- Backpacking in Europe
15- Go to Lana Del Rey’s concert and meet her 
16- Go to Universal Studios 
17- Bungee jumping
18- Get a tattoo
19- Volunteer at a Cancer Hospital for children 
20- Learn how to play ukulele 
21- Go to Tomorrowland
22- Drive through route 66
23- Hug a lion
24- See a Broadway musical in New York
25- Climb the Hollywood Sign
26- Go to a baseball game
27- Get rid of my regrets
28- Buy my grandparent's a country house
29- Go to Lollapalooza
30- Go to Disney World
31- Trade bodies with someone for one day
32- Own a bookstore
33- Pay for a honeymoon for my parents
34- Meet the queen
35- Become famous because of my writing 
36- Learn how to ride a horse 
37- Solve at least half of the governments problems in Brazil
38- Visit the Moulin Rouge 
39- Go camping
40- Be on a talk show
41- Go to a fashion show
42- Volunteer in a developing country 
43- Write for a magazine 
44- Pay for a stranger's meal
45- Put a lock in the Milvia Bridge in Rome
46- Meet my real soulmate
47- Get in college in the first try
48- Stop my mind from automatically jumping to first judgements
49- Go to Wales
50- Swim with dolphins

"Now what?!": My now what is a pretty simple thing for North Americans, but not for South Americans like me. Since I was young, I've always wanted to watch a baseball game. It seemed awesome in the movies and everything seemed so intense. From the people's faces to what was going on in the game (that I still don't understand), so it was a dream to me since I was little. Fortunately, I could make this dream come true here in Canada. I went to see the Winnipeg Goldeyes play against the Sioux City Explorers on May 26, and it was awesome. Everything was just as I imagined. This one item on my bucket list was  completed in a very good way!


  1. I really liked all of your drawings! I drew mine to and it was a pain in the butt! Good presentation.

  2. I really enjoyed your presenation. Your drawings were really good!

  3. I loved the pictures you drew! It was definitely a different and interesting way to present your bucket list!

  4. Awesome presentation! I love to travel as well, so I really liked your list! My step mom is from Sao Paulo so when I was watching the video I remember when she first came here and she wanted to go see a game, so that was nice to watch!

  5. Never really thought of the privileges we have here in Canada that we take for granted such as watching a baseball game I think it's really cool that you got to watch one and that it was on your bucket list I may have to go watch another my self

  6. Your drawings were awesome! I loved them. They portrayed all the things you wanted to do well and the song went well with everything. I love your now what. I find it cute. It's such a simple item to accomplish but it hold a lot of memories.