Thursday, February 20, 2014

Quick write 3

"In fact, I've died a long time ago, because only being dead to handle so much emptiness.
Maybe I'm just a soul wandering around looking for someone that could give me life again, or in fact, give me life for the first time. Maybe all of us are these wondering souls and our elixir of life is love. Ok, I could be less cliche and more specific for the realistics: maybe we are souls loose around the world looking for some emotions, something that makes us really feel something, because life is really based on this verb: TO FEEL. And then, each high school love, each broken heart, deluded, in love or battered would be little doses of elixir, and when we finally found our true love, we finally would drink all of the bottle of this elixir of life and, at long last, we would live with all the colours, all the rights and all the feelings of this wonderful process that love is.
Maybe life isn't a gift, but an achievement, the result of a difficult Treasure Hunt, because who lives without at least once, even if it's hidden deeply in our hearts, being in love?" 

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