Monday, May 5, 2014

TEDx Reflection

The TED talks we watched on the MTYP had a very inspirational and most of them were very accurately related to the theme. Some of them I thought wouldn't be very related to the theme when the Emcees introduced it, but when the presenters start talking I realized that even what I thought that could have nothing to da about transformations, in fact, it could. This fact made me come to a conclusion that you can transform your life everyday when you want, everything has at least two sides and you're transforming yourself when you move from one to other. It kind of made a transformation in myself, because I changed my mind about several subjects and about the presenters during the presentations. It was good to listen to people talking about how they could transform their lives with different things, from poetry to facebook. The TED Talks were from interesting to inspirating and were for sure, a good way to open people's mind and make everyone think more about their lives, especially Nereo II, the first presenter. He talked about his art (poetry) how it has been transforming every part of his life in such an inspirating way that it's impossible not to start thinking about changing our lives to a deeper lifestyle. 

Photo: "Nereo II and the power of words" @tedxyouthfg

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